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New Alliance?

Mad Mr May

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I would like to found an alliance. I know many people in my geographical area who would be interested in joining the alliance, so I don't expect it will be much of a problem to find new members.

I've read every guide I can find.

However, the problem is, I want to run the aid of the alliance on the model of redistribution of wealth. I want all nations to pay 10% of the taxes they collect to the alliance, which will then be divided equally among the nations in the alliance. Is there some way to gather all the money, and then send each chunk to each nation in the alliance? I'm just wondering how the actual management of alliances works... Is it all external of Cyber Nations? Or is there some game panel/dashboard that will allow me to easily accomplish what I want?

If not, I'm sure I work something else out, mathematically, that will spread the wealth equally.

Answers much appreciated.

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Maybe you should join an alliance before you even think about this, I would advise joining OA. We are a group of (Well the Majority of us) where all people wanting to start our own alliances. Join up with us and we can teach you exactly what to do ect. IF you like Just come on IRC and talk to me or send me a PM on the forums or in game. Our IRC is #oceanicalliance on IRC.Coldfront.Net.



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There is no way to tax each nation and have that money accumulate in one specific location. If you want to tax your members, I suggest creating a "tab" for each person and then have them pay up when their tax debt reaches $3 mil. ($3 mil is the maximum amount of money you can send in an aid transaction, limit 5 aid transactions per nation per 10 days with a foreign ministry improvement.) For smaller nations with lower incomes, you might want to collect at $1 mil, although that can be considered "wasting" aid slots. Since you can't pool all of the money in a bank of some sort, you will need to send the money directly from taxpayer to recipient. This will require a lot of coordination, especially if you want to ensure that everyone gets their fair share.

Most alliances are run from offsite forums similar to this one, where they have all of their guides, programs, rules, etc. It's also very convenient to have a single meeting place and information distributing tool for all of your members. If you have a very small alliance, you might be able to successfully manage it with ingame messages alone, but an offsite never hurts.

If you don't know most of this already, I'd highly recommend spending some time in an established alliance before going off on your own. The Player Created Alliances forum has ads for many of the alliances currently in existence, and would be a good place to shop around.

Hope that helped.

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Definitely not advisable to try something so ambitious when you're just starting off. There are a lot of things to learn in CN and CN politics and the nature of CN alliances.

Also taxes aren't a popular idea. I remember having them back in FEAR and everyone despised having their economic freedoms violated. And we had a big party when they were over ^_^

So yeah, try joining an alliance and learn the basics, get a gov positions, etc. FIRST. It will be very useful if you are to become an alliance leader someday.

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