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Football Federations


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With the world cup qualifying coming up (April) and the World Cup hosting bids arriving soon as well (March). It only seems right to take the world's perspective on how FIFOB should run World Football. The current set up would be highly similar to the alliance cup where all the teams are randomly sorted into qualifying matches and it eliminates them down to the 32 teams of the group stage. This will then follow with knock-out rounds, etc. Also a lot of leagues have sprung up since the founding of FIFOB as a part of Liga Mundo's advertising, and what leagues existed are making positive expansion for the first time in a long time. There is no true organization of these leagues or the current cup format. The format is more of a mob with no specific intentions other than win. It is with this I would like to ask the community to help me set up confederations

The following is for those who don't know what football confederations are. The below is from FIFA.com

The spectrum of FIFA's work has widened considerably in the last few years, requiring increasing coordination of its many and varies activities. Fortunately, expert help is always at hand from the Confederations, which support FIFA substantially in tasks such as the organisation of tournaments.

The Confederations are the umbrella organisations of the national football associations on each continent. The AFC in Asia, CAF in Africa, the Football Confederation (CONCACAF) in North and Central America and the Caribbean, CONMEBOL in South America, UEFA in Europe and the OFC in Oceania all provide support to FIFA without encroaching on the rights of the national associations. In fact, the Confederations actually raise the profile of football further, by staging their own competitions at club and international level and though a range of other activities.

This states that Football Confederations make my organization of tourneys and international easier and potentially better. The problem occurs to me is what should define a Football Federation. As much as I want to give one federation to each alliance, I find it unfair that some alliances that would have barely any teams and the teams are not too great would be treated equally to an alliance that puts forth a large number of teams with some top tier teams.

This is where I want you to come in. I want you to help me decide what should a federation be. I am currently think 10 federations with alliances teaming up to make the federations whole. I am interested in what you think on this.

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I'd have to agree with Arcadian Empire, although some alliances (like IRON) have enough interest in the game that they could front a confederation of their own with relative ease.

I for one would be all for a Union of White-Team Football Federations. ;) STA has a league going and TOOL may soon have a federation for international tournaments. Plus I'm sure there are people in the other major white alliances (TPF, WAPA, SSSW18, FEAR, TGE, TSI, Zenith, UCN, NEW, Argent, and anyone in OPP and TOOL's protectorate bloc) who might want to get in on the footballing action.

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Headed by the Minister of Sport & Athletics, the Transvaal Voetbalsvereniging (Transvaal Football Union) governs all aspects of the sport in the Federal Republic.

It is responsible for managing the Transvaal Springboks and Windhoek Welwitschia clubs in X11, the organization of the annual Transvaal Cup, and overseeing any domestic leagues that are operating within our borders.

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Alright I've taken the ideas in and here's what I came up with.

Every year after the alliance cup I'll work the ranking system to determine which color is the strongest.

This is not determined by the color of the nation, but rather the color of the majority of the alliance the nation is a part of.

Then I will determine how many seeds each color receives

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Saw that, first thing that popped into my head was that UEFA had a 1.00 regional strength, I believe CONMEBOL had 0.98 down to I think OFC at 0.85... I spent waaay too much time looking at that :P

I'll need to figure out a nice math formula yipee! <_<

As soon as the cup is over I'll get to work. My initial guess though, see the results of the cup is that Blue will be the strongest confederation

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