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Purchasing Infrastructure is the best way to increase your citizens.

You can also get more through various Improvements, Wonders which add percentages to your population. Land also provides a small amount of citizens but much less than Infrastructure.

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how you can i increase the number of tax paying citisents

Buy infrastructure. That is the best way to increase your tax paying population (7.5 citizens per point, modified for any population modifying resources, improvements, wonders or events you have and your environment). Land will give you tax paying citizens, but at a very low rate; .2 citizens per mile.

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Yep, you have too much land and Tech already and not enough infra.

Better trades will also help, currently you only have 1 population boosting resources (pigs).

Also, when trading for Uranium, be sure to set your government position 2nd question to "Our government will not sign the treaty because our nation believes in the use of nuclear technology to build power plants, however we do not promote the use of nuclear technology for weapons of mass destruction."

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