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The Oranje Doctrine

Mergerberger II

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Decree from Prins Willem Van Oranje

Today, let it be known to all the world, that the Oranje doctrine shall henceforth go into effect. Ik zal handhaven!

I) Never shall the Republic deceive or not speak the truth to any foreign nation, friend or foe.

II) Never shall the Republic engage in massive warfare with the sole intent of gaining land or resources

III) Never shall the Republic dishonor a treaty she has made to her allies.

IV) Never shall the Republic, whilst her homeland is in danger, surrender to a foreign power intent upon conquering her and making her their own.

V) Never shall the Republic engage in a war of unprovoked aggression

VI) Never shall any form of a weapon of mass destruction be used upon a foe during the course of a conflict on a first-strike basis.

VII) Never shall the Republic relinquish any part of her grand homeland to any foreign power during an armed conflict.

VIII) Never shall she surrender while her homeland is occupied by an invading force.

IX) Always shall the liberties and rights of the people be put first and foremost above those of the governing body

X) Never shall the Republic engage in military operations against the nations of the United Francoist Empire, the United Kingdom, or Neo Japan.

XI) Let it be known to all the world that this one goes to eleven.

There was not but cheering and celebration in the Republic after the great Prins Willem Van Oranje was done with his speech. The entire nation rejoiced as they saw the birth of something truly great, the emergence of something utterly fantastic upon this earth. They saw the true birth of what the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands would be and would always be.

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The Eastern Union applauds this as one of the best foreign dispatches we have ever seen. What's more, this is coming from a freshly formed nation. The Dutch do show such promise these days.

OOC: XI-Spinal Tap reference?

OOC: Yes. I was actually going to put another rule there, but that was cooler :lol:

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