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What should we name the LEO dog pile war?

Rude Empire

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Ok so this is a war stats topic covering the current war over LEO Vs RD & allies (please make names up for sides people)

Day 1

LEO side:

League of Extraordinary Oranges

Nations: 32

Alliance Strength: 53,046

Anarchy: 16


RD & allies:

Rodentia Dominatus

Nations: 17

Alliance Strength: 22,997

Anarchy: 8

Nukes: 0


Nations: 17

Alliance Strength: 26,646

Anarchy: 3

Nukes: 6

United White

Nations: 105

Alliance Strength: 193,092

Anarchy: 11

Nukes: 0

Democratic Allied Nations

Nations: 1

Alliance Strength: 1,259

Anarchy: 0

Nukes: 0

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so do we submit stats here?

I attacked cthomp and heres what i did:

DESTROYED: 21.74 infra, 1.01 tech, 7 tanks, 525 soldiers, 7 m. of land, gained 111,000 aprox.

2 victories in Aggressive Ground Attacks, and 2 Successful Bombing Campaigns, and 1 CM. OH YEAH! 1 UP FOR DAN!

Ashen: DESTROYED: 23.14 infra, 3.42 tech, 41 tanks, 372 soldiers, 2 m. of land, and gained 1500 bucks.

1 Victorious Aggressive Ground Attack, 1 Defeat, 2 SBC's, and 2 CM's.

I LOST (all together): 387 soldiers, 7 tanks

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How about...

"Over before it really Began." ??


((eidit)) An no; did not mean that...oh why in the heck am I adding a disclaimer. ;P The situation was a bit muffed up; it's been handled I hope... LOL

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