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Join the Trilateral Commission Today


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Join the Trilateral Commission Today

Looking for an alliance that can give you the protection you need with growth programs that evolve as much as the world we live in? Then look no more! The Trilateral Commission has everything a person can want -

1) Experienced players to help guide you if you need help

2) An organized militia to provide you with the protection you need

3) Buyers for Tech who will steadily purchase tech from you (which depending on how your work your Foreign Aid slots, can massively increase your income!)

4) A great bar with a great atmosphere to meet interesting and awesome people!

Without further ado...

Sign Up For TriCom Here

and collect your $1 mil sign up bonus

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Join Tricom, we're really cool

Especially our leader, TOOL

We love free speech, we love Mikes Bar

We give you aid, you'll go far

Tech deals, academy, and a lottery too

If you don't join us, you're a foo

We just passed 500 K

Onto a million! That's what we say

If you join us, you will see

We're the coolest, I'll climb a tree

This poem's for you, potential recruit

We want you here, we think your cute

Tricom wants YOU! JOIN TODAY!

We treat our members in a well mannered way...

We will mold you like sedimentary clay...

I used to live in San Francisco bay...

You are staring at your Liquid Crystal Display...

Get frequent flyer miles from T.W.A...

I'll hold your hand on Valentines day...

What more do I have to say?


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