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MHA & Pork Shrimp - Peace Declared + NAP Agreement


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Peace is to be offered by both sides. Once all wars have been peaced out, the following agreement will take affect:

Mostly Harmful Alliance and Pork Shrimp have agreed to a Non Aggression Pact

1. Pact Terms:

Members of both alliances WILL NOT ATTACK each other. Any nation attacking will be considered rogue and both sides will be free to attack such nation until the issue is resolved. Members of both alliances will conduct themselves with respect towards each other. Violations of these terms can result in the cancellation of this pact.

2. Cancellation Terms:

Mostly Harmful Alliance and Pork Shrimp will agree to a 72 hour peace period should the pact be canceled.


/s/ Thaisport - Prime Minister of Mostly Harmful Alliance

/s/ Eliot Ballade - Leader of Pork Shrimp

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