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A League of extraordinary Oranges announcement


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League of extraordinary Oranges Declaration of War


On the New Emerald Order

LEO is hereby declaring a state of war with the New Emerald Order. Our abbreviations, LEO and NEO are too confusing.

We also want to wish everyone a happy new year :wub:

That's all.


Johan de haas, Minister of war

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It looks like NEO has already lost.

popcorn anyone? :popcorn:

Now we just have to see if TPF will defend NEO.

LOL, waring against NEO is not really waring, they are not that active, really not protective of each other, and unorganized.

We have an MAoDP with them and not an MADP, which is not to say we won't join in if things don't get handled in an hournable way!

right now i have a meeting with LEO's leader, who has been a raid partner of mine so to speak and seems to be a pretty good guy.

I have spoken with NEO's leader and he is unaware of why LEO attacked, but talking to other AA leaders about a defense to this.

I'm going to work on a peacful resolution and I would like to see this resolved quickly, which i'm sure will not be a problem!

I have no problem with LEO and despite NEO's unwillingness to support each other

see no reason to assist them at this time for something they would actually have a good chance of defending them selves.

However as i said I hate asshatery, and dishournable wars.....ie trash talk and things like that.

TPF is know for helping out their friends and defending them at all cost, we have many friends because we try to handle things correctly and hournably.

Lets just see how Diplomacy works with this!!


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