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Any newly created alliances?


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DOOM is alliance isn't really new (872 days old), but it has only 16 members and we really need new members. We are very stable, rarely get into wars, so no need to worry about being attacked (unless if you started the fight).

Here is the link to DOOM's forums to sign up: http://www.castledoom.com/CN/index.php

DOOM does give out starting cash, I think it is $3 million. DOOM alliance has many nation building guides that are reader friendly (not the ones that shoves math formulas in your face or the ones that makes you feel like a dummy) that will help max your nation growth, and we have a nation audit section where you post your nation's info and we point out problems and give suggestions to improve your nation.

Also, our alliance is suffering from a shortage of tech sellers.

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Join POWER (Protection Order of Warrior Elite Republics). Based around being a close knit group of loyal and friendly members who will always be there for each other. We made quite a splash when we first declared our existence (only about a week ago), when we kinda got ganged up on. But through friendly and careful diplomacy, we have apologized for our mistakes and have now earned a nice reputation for our small little alliance.

Since we have only 4 members right now, join right now and anyone will be virtually guaranteed of a government position. We'll also be able to work with your nation very closely to help you learn the ins and outs of the game and to make your nation flourish!

Come check us out today:


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The alliance of IRAN is looking for more fear mongering, propaganda spouting, suicidal maniacs to join us in taking over the cyber-world, or at least in wrecking up the place!

Oh, and on the sane side of things, we've got some awesome membership bonuses like up to $6,000,000 in growth aid in your first month and a sweet tech deal with another alliance from which your nation can make millions of dollars per month (insert picture of yourself rolling around in a pile of cash :D)! Plus, we're protected by The Phoenix Federation so you can be as peaceful or as warlike (to a reasonable extent ;) ) as you want.

If you're at all interested, just message me back (http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=246266) or go ahead and sign up right here (tell ’em I sent you):


(you'll have to register on our forums first though)

Wiki link:



http://www.coldfront.net/pjirc/chat.htm at #iran

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