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Blue Team 5BR trade circle (fish/uranium extra)

o ya baby

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Sup, I'm making a trade circle for a friend of mine since her trades are terrible. If you're interested in this circle, PM me here or in-game and I'll add you if you have what we need.

Wheat- Kelvin


Water- RyanGDI

Cattle- RyanGDI


Coal- rebzin

Oil- Kelvin



Rubber- Krisland


Uranium- Krisland

Fish - rebzin


Initial infrastructure cost:-42%

Infrastructure upkeep:-26%

Population increase:21%

Citizen income increase:$0

Population happiness increase:9

Initial land cost:-25%

Purchased land area increase:35%

Natural growth increase:x0

Technology cost decrease:0%


Soldier increase:38%

Soldier cost decrease:$-6

Soldier upkeep cost:$0

Tank cost decrease:0%

Tank upkeep cost:-10%

Aircraft cost decrease:-16%

Aircraft upkeep:0%

Aircraft limit increase:10

Uranium: Uranium allows nations to develop nuclear weapons only if that nations government preference supports nuclear weapons. If a nations government preference favors nuclear technology for the use of nuclear power plants but does not support nuclear weapons then the nation will receive +$3.00 per citizen and +$0.15 for every level of tech purchased up to level 30 but loses -1 population happienss. If a nation owns nuclear weapons but does not have uranium the cost to maintain nukes is doubled.

Water increases number of citizens per mile before population unhappiness by 50.

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Cattle and Water...I've got a seven BR set right now, and a good setup, yet it looks like I might get mugged outta it after spending over a month trying to get it. <_< Besides, I'm supposed to be orange.

Oh well, guess it's only fair seeing as your friend has bad resources. In goodwill and etc, sign me up.

Edit for grammars.

Edited by RyanGDI
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OK, so now someone names Raasaa has PMd me and says O Ya Baby has given up on on this and so he's taken over.

I see Krisland on the new "trade circle O" but not rebzin or denon333, with whom I initiated trade 3 days ago - AND CANCELLED PREVIOUS TRADE PARTNERS in order to do this.

What's going on?

I also have a new trade offer some someone on Raasaa's list, but don't see the advantage of the trade.

I'm going to hold off on any further moves until I see a complete list from someone, and that list needs to consist of stable nations who are ready to close the deal.

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