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Democratic Aztecs?


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We the democratic aztecs have voted with our special "voting hearts" and the pile of sacrificed hearts was much bigger in favour... so..... here it is, our MADP.

Democracy + Aztecs = Fun

Love Section

We both agree to be friends and to uphold this treaty.

Defense Section

We will defend each other no matter what, democracy and aztec culture are worth dying for!

Aggression Section

We will back each up right... so, if the other doesn't like someone, we will be there to help.

Tech raiding Section

lets go mental :lol: (lets keep it to unaligned or we might have war on our hands :o )


Ordinaryrocks/Magicalbricks, Cupcake maker of Aztec

Admiral Rakarth/Lord xnut. Groom of the stool

WartotheDeath/BastardofGod, Head hula-hoopa of the Global Democratic Alliance

As always... with love B)

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