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The Defense Confederation


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The Defense Confederation


The Defense Confederation (DefCon) was started on June 27 2007 as a safe-haven for players in CyberNations and has steadily grown into a solid and hard-working community of players from various backgrounds and alliances. DefCon strives to be a respected and formidable alternative from the larger and better known alliances that currently exist, while still offering the same heated politics, wars and a fun and friendly place to hang out.

New members, no matter how young or old, large or small, new or experienced, are always very welcome. We offer considerable financial and military assistance, opportunities to all members, backed by our extensive nation guides and combined player experience, to help them thrive. Growth aid, tech deals, trade circles - you name it, we've got it!

We also encourage members to take an active and rewarding role in DefCon to help make it a better place, with regular discussions and numerous government positions on offer.

We have a fun, carefree environment most of the time. Our spam palace is always occupied with those of our alliance who simply enjoy having fun. Some alliances are too serious while some are too lax. Defcon offers a healthy combination, we have fun while dealing with serious topics, but never lose sight that the topics are indeed serious, and can often lead to war.

Defcon is an emerging power, with about 120 members we are approaching 2,000,000 strength and intend to keep growing.

Where is this awesome place? Look no further than the defcon forums or find us in our IRC channel at irc.coldfront.net #cndefcon.

We look forward to seeing you there! B)

Preamble: The Defense Confederation (DefCon) was formed on June 27, 2007, to become a safe-haven for players in CyberNations. DefCon, based on a solid hard working core of members from many backgrounds and alliances, is intended to be that of an alternative from the larger and better known alliances that currently exist. DefCon strives to be a respected and formidable alliance in CyberNations.

I. Membership Requirements

Anyone wishing to join DefCon’s ranks must enter the DefCon academy unless said applicant shows explicit skill and is thus exempt by the triumvirate. The academy requires a certain level of activity on multiple levels and to complete two tests and an IRC visit.

1. An applicant must not be in any wars upon applying. Wars must end before receiving an applicant mask on the forums.

2. Any nation under 75 days old will not be accepted unless the applicant received a recruiting letter.

3. Any nation wishing to join the Defense Confederation must switch to the yellow team if under 7500 Nation Strength. Exceptions will be considered.

4. To be considered a full member two tests will need to be passed as well as completing the academy within 30 days.

II. Headquarters

1. DefCon’s off site forum can be found at www.defcon.ipbfree.com

III. Leadership


1. DefCon's head of state consists of a Triumvirate. The triumvirate is divided into separate areas of focus.

The Triumvirate of Foreign Affairs: The Trium of FA works with other alliances and keeps the alliance close to all current allies as well as drafts new treaties with other alliances.

The Triumvirate of Internal Affairs: The Trium of IA works within the alliance to keep the everyday proceedings of the alliance together. Various internal dealings will be decided from his office.

The Triumvirate of War: The Trium of War is in charge of the military. The Trium is in charge of alerting his soldiers for a war or individual targets. The command structure is under his discretion.

2. The Triumvirates all work for the same goal and therefore can work together to better any section.

3. In the event of war, a unanimous vote is required.

4. The triumvirate can impeach one another by a simple 2/3 vote and the appointment of a new triumvirate in all cases will be decided by the remaining triumvirate member(s).

5. The individual Triumvirate members may place deputies who help keep the alliance together. In the event of the absence of a triumvirate, the deputy may take over.

Department Heads

1. Directors exist in order to work with the triumvirate, facilitate ideas, direction and human resource management.

Director of Recruitment: Sponsors recruiting drives and works with the Director of Finance to organize aid programs involved with recruitment payments.

Director of Finances: Creates financial aid schemes and works with other alliances to facilitate the importation and/or deportation of technology.

IV. Diplomacy

1. DefCon recognizes the importance of strong diplomatic relations with the public. Therefore members are to abide by all foreign treaties signed. DefCon expects the same amount of respect that it gives to others; any behavior not meeting DefCon’s standards will be handled by itself or with the foreign alliance involved.

2. DefCon will always attempt to resolve any military actions diplomatically, but an aggressive action against a member is always an attack on the whole alliance.

V. Tech Raiding

1. DefCon members are only allowed to raid in peace time. Peace time is when DefCon or its allies are not at war. The alliance will be alerted when Peace is in effect as well as when it is not.

2. Nations with no alliance affiliation are the only legal targets and only one raid at a time is acceptable.

3. DefCon nations are not allowed to raid nations on the red, green, and yellow sphere. Red sphere due to the NPO set doctrine, green for an agreement with the Grand Global Alliance, and the yellow team because we don’t crap where we sleep.

4. Extortion is by NO MEANS acceptable. Any member discovered extorting will receive hefty fines and a permanent raiding ban.

5. Tech raids consist of 2 ground attacks and the use of spies to change DEFCON levels- nothing else. A peace offer must be sent after each round of attacks.

6. If a member raids a nation and receives retaliation, the DefCon member is required to offer peace if it is requested with no questions asked.

7. Any infraction to these rules will result in a complete loss of constitutional rights. Members should realize that they are on their own at all times.

VI. Espionage

1. DefCon does not condone the actions of members spying upon other alliances. If a nation of DefCon is caught doing so they will be punished to the discretion of the govt.

2. As do all other alliances, DefCon does not like to be spied upon. To do so would be cause for war. As per section IV the situation will be handled diplomatically first.

VII. Expulsion

1. Very rarely does the Defense Confederation expel a member. One of the grievances would be attacking another nation without permission and refusing to cease attacks upon request. Another would be disobeying orders multiple times. Committing espionage for or against the Defense Confederation is also inexcusable. The punishments for most cases are far less severe - the Triumvirate decides all punishments with the advisement of Ministers.

VIII. Amendments

1. It is possible for amendments to be necessary for the survival of DefCon. As DefCon will grow so will this charter. The government respects the thoughts of all its members. If a large portion of the membership wishes to have something changed the alliance will hold a vote with the government's blessing.


ZoomZoomZoom - Trium of FA

Cowen70 - Trium of IA

Maligore- Trium of War

p.s. we are the gods of pickles!!!!! hear our roar!!!!


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I've been with this alliance for about 11 months. One of the greatest and closest small alliances in the game.

You might get amazing protection from a large alliance

but that is nothing compared to an amazing community and friendship between a small group of people.

Join DefCon and give it a shot!


Triumvirate of Foreign Affairs

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