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Crimson Empire MDoAP with Ubercon

Londo Mollari

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Crimson Empire is Über


Article I: Mutual Defense

Crimson Empire and Ubercon will defend the other party against any attack by another alliance. Crimson Empire and Ubercon will not attack each other.

Article II: Optional Aggression

Crimson Empire and Ubercon reserve the right to coordinate offensive military action against a third party.

Article III: Cancellation

Should either alliance feel the need to withdraw from this agreement, they will notify the other privately 48 hours in advance. This treaty will be in full force until the cancellation period passes.

/s/ for Crimson Empire

Chaotic Evil, Blood Emperor

Nevskii, Ambassador

/s/ for Ubercon

Elbryan, Uber

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Its good to see more treaties being made in TE. Hopefully this will liven things up a bit. Good call on Ubercon as an allie. Now WAPA on the otherhand, not such a good call. But hey, this is a new round. Hopefully WAPA wont be trying to hurt our friends this round.

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