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Happiness and Environment


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How much does environment affect how much money you get per happiness? I know that the worse your environment, the less money you get from each happiness point.

This correct in effect, but the game works otherwise:

You *still* get +$2.00 per point of happines you HAVE. But environment removes a part of your *total happiness*, which leads to basically the same result: If you buy a +5 happiness wonder, you don't see 5 adding up to your total amount, but only 4.93 for example. The 0.07 are gone because the environment is so bad.

So, now that you know this, it should take no longer than a few minutes to find out how it is calculated :)

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Oh darn then. Does anyone know how much money 1 happiness gives you with perfect environment?

EDIT: Oops didn't see your post when I posted. I'll do something like that.

This is simply to solve by buying border walls <_<

edit - with a perfect environment +2$ = +1 happiness

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