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Round 2 Shouts an thanks from M*A*S*H

Bedford Forrest

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WeLLll, it was a fantastic round! The Mighty Armed States of Honor wishes to thank and give mention to a number of people from round 2.

To the great friends we made and especially the new friends that joined our ranks: you all deserve caek, beer and … oh yeah, the lulz you already got. We hope you keep at it, stealing the tech and running with the Bunchies in Round 3!

To BOOMER! The man ate, slept, dreamed and otherwise worked his butt off as our round 2 Generalissimo. You led us to an incredible 4-0 record in our major wars. Pweeeze, o pweeze, do it again!

To our ALLIES! Blackwater and Aqua All Stars were there for us in a big way. What can we say? The treaty action was wunnerful and awesome. Biggest for last: Murder, Inc., you shone your omg-ness on us and we smiled. Thanks!

To Admin. Yes! Admin! You know who you are.

And of course, to our enemies. We ate your lunch. We are not sorry at all. It is the game, yes? AB, Echelon, Europa, f.u.c.k, Pond Pirates and the others I am obviously forgetting, we harbor no grudges. It’s clean slate time.

I am a bit wobbly from all that sleep deprivation and turkey. If I missed anybody, rest assured you live on in our memories. And if you were a clod in the game, well, prepare to do a little glow action in round 3!!!


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