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Looking for an alliance


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Hey guys, i am looking to join an alliance which is not too big but offers great protection, aid for joining the alliance. i also want to somethings about the government and election process.

i am a 22k NS nation and am looking forward to some good invitations.


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We currently offer 2.5 million through our Mentor program. We also have a growth program for bigger nations.

We are currently sitting at the number 12 spot in alliance score. 350 members and almost 4mil NS.

We elect our entire government. Ministers hold office for two months and congress for 1 month.

GATO is also the oldest alliance still in existence.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. :)



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Government process?


Join the CMEA!

I sadly cannot offer you THE best protection, as we are in the process of paying reps to the most generous FCO and TSH after fighting for our former protectors, the GOONS. But we are a current and original Signatory of the CDT, so we are protected by our bloc.

Check out these links if you're interested.



You won't be disappointed.

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Join Order of the Sword :blush:

We started a couple of weeks ago, and we could really use the help of an experienced member like yourself to help run the alliance.

We have a good internal structure that will prove its efficiency in the future!

We are members of the Hanseatic League, protected by NoV and NV, so we are kind of safe as well.

These are our forums, but we will probably change to a new invision forum soon!


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you want brown??? COME JOIN NFL!

for you? you could get ab. 1 mil - 3mil for starters. you could most likely get a government spot.

we have trade circles and anything else.


and we have 77 - 79 members

check us out ;)


Also, GATO is like our big brother.

we are protected by them.

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join the Cult of Richard! If you've ever read the Looking For Group at www.lfgcomic.com then you'll understand why we exist(because Richard is Awesome). We look to spread the word of Richard to all of Cybernations, and you'd make an excellent cultist. What say you?

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I see everyone is trying to bribe you with money. Well, Heroesofgaming is an allience with around 500K ns and 100 members. We give you a lot of freedom and will help ou out considerably. It could range from tech deals to rebuilding.

We will be happy to have you. You don't need to be our colour either to be in our allience B).

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