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Long-term Purple Trade Circle


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I wish to create a new trade circle, as there's currently no purple trade circle that needs both water and oil.

I'd prefer this to be a long term one, so if you join, you should be ready to stay for a very long time.

You'll need a harbor to join.

Trade set

Steel, Construction, Asphalt, Automobiles, Scholars, Microchips, Radiation Cleanup, Fine Jewelry

Resources needed

Water: Ragwing

Oil: Ragwing

Iron: Warmongrel

Coal: Learz

Rubber: Warmongrel

Lumber: BAMF71590

Marble: Learz

Aluminum: Ken T Kent

Lead: Juicy J

Gold: BAMF71590

Silver: Juicy J

Gems: Ken T Kent


-42% initial infrastructure cost

-23% infrastructure upkeep cost

+$9.5 income

+21.5 happiness (16.5 from resources, and 5 extra since all are purple)

-10% initial land cost

+35% land

-13% initial technology cost

+11 environment

+38% soldier efficiency

-$6 soldier cost

-$0.5 soldier upkeep

-8% tank cost

-18% tank upkeep

-16% aircraft cost

-25% aircraft upkeep

+10 aircraft

-20% cruise missile cost

-20% cruise missile upkeep

-20% nuclear cost

-20% nuclear upkeep

Scholars require 90% literacy (I guess it's around 300 technology?). But it's still a great trade circle without scholars! :D

If you wish to join, you'll need to have two of the resources above.

This is a very good trade circle, so please join!



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Thanks for joining. And when the trade circle is complete, I'll wait 3 days before it starts, so that everyone can PM their current trade partners, and tell them about the situation, so that they'll have time to find new trade partners.

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We still need gold, silver, aluminum and lead. I've sent out some PM's in-game. Hopefully, they will accept, so we should be set soon. ;)

Oh, and also for everyone, you don't need to cancel your trades until the circle is complete. You can however send out PM's to your current trade partners and inform them.

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Will wait and see if I get a reply from the other guy... Judging from when he replied, and Last Activity, it seems like he's on a few hours before reset...

If there's no reply before reset, I'll PM BAMF71590 with a list of his new trade partners... Reset for me is 7 am, so I'll log in then, clean my current trades, and send out a PM to everyone! :D

Thanks everyone for your patience! :wub:

EDIT: Trade circle is now complete! Please change your team color, if it's not already purple, and cancel all of your current trades, so that we can begin with the trade circle! :D

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