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An E Normus newb question: Gov't/Religion...

E Normus Johnson

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New guy here. I have only recently taken my rightful place as His Most Esteemed Greatness (Ruler) of my nation. I have tried to read as much as possible of the info on this game (There is alot!). I have figured out my people prefer Republic government and Baha'i faith. Problem is, I don't want them to prefer Baha'i and Republic. (Fear not. I shall beat them for their poor choices later!) No offense to Republicans and Baha'i-ites (Baha'i-ians?) (Baha'i-imians?) (Persons of Baha'i-ism?) I have a question:

If I unleash hellfire and damnation upon these unworthy heathens and delete my nation (I shall wait a few days, not because the game says I have to, but simply because I chose to delay my wrath), will I be able to then start a new nation, keeping the same nation name and such, but having a different randomly chosen preferred gov't/religion applied to it?

I simply want to delete and restart, keeping the same nation name etc, just in the attempt to get a better (to me at least) set of preferred choices. I understand it may be a largely cosmetic item, but His Most Esteemed Greatness wants a specific set, and is willing to keep trying until it shows up, as long as the game lets me anyway.

You have my E Normus thanks, and I shall cast a likeness of you in stone to be placed in His Most Esteemed garden, that my unworthy population shall know of the assistance you provided me in this matter.


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Oh and what they want change with time.


Deleting your nation is absolutely the wrong course of action. If you absolutely prefer a certain gov and/or religion, well, hey you're the boss. Set it to whatever you want...the people just won't be happy about it, and will be less productive as a result. But starting a new nation will solve nothing, because the people change their religious and political desires on a whim. Every month or so, they will probably change their mind anyway.

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Why in the world do you want (need?) a specific government/religion? Are you a religious fanatic or something?

A couple of alliances center their gameplay/roleplay around a specific religion, the Christian Coalition of Countries for example, so I think all their members just keep the national preference set to that (Christianity in the above example.) If it makes it more fun, then it's probably worth the -1 happiness.

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