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Enviroment and Population

Lord Sharpe

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last time i checked it doesnt

nation age,infra and land are factors for making out base pop, you also get an extra 50. the only things that increase from there as far as i know are the resources(fish,cattle,wheat,sugar,pigs) and improvements(clinics,hospitals).

oh yeah, and DRA and NRL

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Hmmm, according to the CN Guide, it does.

Environment - Environment effects both your nations population happiness and population count. There are numerous variables in the environment bar which include some of the connected resources (coal/oil and uranium bring your environment down), a nations tech level, infrastructure to land ratio, military to population ratio, not having access to water, certain government types, your responses to the drug and immigration government policy questions, etc... The better your environment the more citizens you get and the happier your total population is. Since nations can never change their default resources nations are not penalized for their default coal, oil, or uranium resources. Only if those resources are brought in through trades does the nation get the environment penalty.
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