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Why I hate white people


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*The illustrious Kenneth Eng steps up to the podium*

Today we declare our existence as the premier Asian Nationalist alliance(Why I hate asians and yes I am being sarcastic). Yes, if you're not asian, there is a 102% chance we're better than you, believe me, I've checked the numbers …………twice.

We've shown our vast superiority to all things russian.

I mean really good.
Our women have the smoothest hair and throw picnics like no other.

but we're not just about hating, we make great improvements as well

improvements to libraries,

our rope swings,as are our slides. Our exercise videos incorporate the development of other skills

we have captured the majesticly euphoric feeling of horseback riding.... or somethingAnd our olympic training is unrivaled

don't try and ghost us, you can look like us and try to blend in, but we know how to spot ghosts like no other and our torture is worse than waterboarding

if you attack us, we WILL crush your business card. Also,

And don't even get me started on our superior sense of humor and game shows.

If you’re interested, please PM a member of us. And we shall see if you meet our stringent criteria. I’d set up forums but no doubt China would block it’s access and for good reason, if it was up to me, the whole world would be teeming with dragons. China included. And not just any dragons,

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