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OK. My nation has a diameter of 540 miles. Reasonable. But then why is it so elongated and distorted? most other nations have nice mostly round maps yet my people suffer in a nation that looks like this!


(I couldn't figure how oto put it as a pic0

Any way, my nation streaches from just below madagascar across the indian ocean, below australia, right acroos the pacific and out into the atlantic! 20000 miles long by the map scale

All this while being 400 miles wide by the same scale!

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Heh. Don't worry about it - as far as I can tell, after a certain point, every nation in the game is going to break Google Maps anyway.

Look at my map - http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...Nation_ID=26862 (I was going to post pics, but Imageshack has apparently chosen today to be stupid). The only level where it actually seems to be making the proper circle is when the zoom is at the point where the map key shows 500 mi/kh (and even then, you can only see a tiny bit of the circle at the corners. Once you zoom out more, the circle disappears completely (at 1000 mi/kh), comes back as two little dashes directly north and south of center (at 2000 mi/kh), and as the same two dashes, only shifted a bit to the east (at the 2000 mi/5000 kh level).

I've got a 3500 mile diameter, and I haven't seen a nice circle for ages. As far as I can tell, the game does the same thing to everyone somewhere between 2000-3000 miles wide. I never really went out of my way to look for the precise point when it breaks, though.

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