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Nation Sitting Question


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I've joined the Air Force, and will be leaving for Basic tranning either semptember or October (no I don't have an exact date yet), and will be with out internet for at least 6 weeks, possibly 8 or longer.

I don't want to loose my nation and have to start all over again, as my nation is 407 days old atm.

I have two questions:

1. Since i don't know exactly when I'll be leaving, is it possible to get advanced approval for the nation sitting?

2. Since it is possible (an outside possiblilty) that I could be without internet for longer than 10 weeks, due to the 6-8 week training, and then time to get to my tech school, get assigined to a room, and get internet installed, is it possible that I could get an exception for the 10 week thing?

I appricate any help that I can get on this matter.

Thank you

Hankidan of Parkview 12

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We need an exact end date to put into our system.

10 weeks is the absolute maximum for a nation sit.

basicly, if i leave in september, it will be 6 weeks long, and if october, 8 1/2 weeks long, plus the time to get everything going.

I'll let you guys know as soon as possible about what the dates will be.


hankidan of Parkview 12

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