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Hi, I'm setting up some circles for my alliance and I was going to post this:

This circle trade will end up in the following resources:

aluminum.gifAluminumcattle.gifCattlefish.gifFishgems.gifGemsiron.gifIron lumber.gifLumbermarble.gifMarblepigs.gifPigsspices.gifSpicessugar.gifSugarwater.gifWaterwheat.gifWheat

Bonus resources: beer.GIFBeerconstruction.GIFConstructionfastfood.GIFFast Food


If the current sign-ups don't fill all necessary resources. I'll need your help to find other un-signed member nations to get sign-up and get in the circle.

But for some reason, the initial basic resources don't load and say 'userpostedimage'. The bonus resources show up fine though.

And after I visit each individual link, they don't show up as 'userpostedimage' anymore. And this is the same for all who saw it.

It looks like some problem on our side I think, but just passing it to you since I don't understand why all the images didn't have the same problem.

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