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Dutch native speakers: Join FOK!


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p.s. Since our old message seems to have dissappeared; here's a new one! :excl:


In the beginning: :rolleyes: (meet the FOKkers) :)

A few members from a Dutch forum FOK forum started up the FOK alliance, and since then it has continued to grow Look how big and awesome we are now!!

We have many members already, but we want more!

Why join FOK? :huh:

- We're all happy friendly bunch of people, always in for a joke, serious when we have to be and... we've got lots of candy since our return from candy mountain!! Read our adventures on Candy Mountain! and Also we've proven we can kick some @ss in wartime They think so too!!

Also we take very good care of our newbie alliance members; f.e. they can get / join

- Start up aid (lots of it)

- Trade cirkels

- Tech deals

- Feedback and guides

- Candy; we have lots to share!

BUT! There is however one condition: :mellow:

On behalf of communicational reasons we only can invite Dutch speaking people to join us; because our forums are all in Dutch. Also our members are mainly Dutch or Flemish (Belgian) peepies. :wub: If you do not fit these conditions you can always visit our forums and have a nice chat in the English Pub, or just offer us some toothpaste (all that candy is bad for our teeth ya know!) :blush:

So; Wanna join FOK? Then sign in on our forums: They're here! FORUMMMMSSS!!!

and you'll soon be welcomed and masked by our coutilliers (they have all sorts of masks you know! like this one: :ph34r: or this one :wub: or... well; as long as it isn't the Scary Movie mask...

Anywayz: Always happy to welcome you around

Regards: Descendent (who can also be PM-ed when you have any questions)

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