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Alliance Treaties

Dark Ninja

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I have checked on Cybernations Wiki but some of them arnt filled in.

What are all the different treaties and there purposes.

(example) PIAT

I just want to know all them. because i really should know them.


also someone should put it in Cybernations Wiki

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Not every alliance is going to have every single treaty posted.

You the minister of foreign relations or something because why do you really need to know? And if you know some of them aren't there why don't you just find all the treaties out there and put them there yourself. :psyduck:

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no i dont want real treaties.

i want to know what like a PIAT is. and the other ones.

i know what a protectorate is. but the other ones.

Also im the Leader/Founder. i think i need to know this stuff.

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PIAT = Peace Intelligence Aid Treaty, essentially both alliances offer to be good friends, not alow members to attack each other, pass on any relevant information (political, economic etc) and to where possible provide aid during/after a war, there is no mutual defence obligation

ODP = Optional defence pact, one step up from a PIAT, should one alliance be attacked the other is obliged to hold a gov vote on whether to attack the attacker within a specified time frame.

MDP = Mutual Defence Pact, Should one alliance be attacked the other is automatically obliged to go to war with the attacker

Note that in both the MDP and ODP should one alliance decide to declare an aggressive war against a 3rd party, the treaty partner is not obliged to join in

MDoAP, Mutual Defence, Optional Aggression Pact, Same as an MDP, but should one parter alliance declare aggressive war on a 3rd party then the other partner needs to hold a vote on whether to join in.

MDAP, Mutual Defence and Aggression Pact, Should one alliance declare war with a 3rd party the other is obliged to do the same.


PIAT's are common especially within trading spheres,

ODP's/MDP's should be reserved for friendly alliances, with whom you have good relations,

MDoAP's a step up from MDP's you need to be very close to consider one of these,

MDAP's are one step down from a full alliance merger, you need to know the other alliance like a brother before you should even consider it

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