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TECH SALE 3mil/100 tech


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Hello, I'm here for another tech deal, as one of my long term deals has just ended and I need to fill up a slot!! If you would like to deal, send the aid offer in-game as well as a PM confirming you want to deal (but it will be kinda obvious by your offer lol). Anyways, only one slot open so it will go quick, have a nice day! Jproducts, ;)

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This guy is a (soon to be former) member of our alliance and is being ZI'd by us for multiple offenses, including, but not limited to, defaulting on tech deals, impersonating other alliance members on other websites and inciting attacks on fellow member nations of our alliance, being a general loser and scumbag, etc.

If you send him any money, you will not get your tech and you will not get repaid. He has already defaulted on the Tech Deals Forum, as well as with individual buyers. We in IRAN are trying to stay ahead of his attempts to scam more money out of people and are pounding him back into the stoneage, but we cannot guarantee that he will not make more posts offering deals. Please, for your own sakes, don't send him any aid. If you have any questions, you can message me ingame at BoneRoller.

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What do you expect someone to say that is against me in war? I haven't ever done anything on this game to incite war. They declared war on me for a reason in a totally different game. What happened is: Batallion, the guy who i am fighting, is one of the top 5 most hated players on kdice. I created an account mocking his name, and now he attacked me for revenge in this game. To be quite honest, i dont really care about this game anyways, but im just fighting him to delay his growth process, thats all. I know I can't win im not stupid!! Its 2v1! Also, I have never and never will scam a tech deal. I have always paid what I owe and will continue to do so.

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