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What is the effect nation age has on happiness?


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From the Cyber Nations Information Index:

Population Happiness - The most important effect of population happiness is a nation’s daily population income. The happier your citizens are, the harder they work and the harder they work, the more money you’ll have to improve your nation. The default population happiness level is 0. This number is affected by several factors:

Population desired religion vs. actual national religion.

Population desired government vs. actual nation government.

Population density – Citizens like room to stretch out.

Size and strength of military – Citizens like to feel protected.

Military casualties – Casualties increase war weariness

Military deployed – Too many deployed troops also increases war weariness

Infrastructure level – Infrastructure helps increase happiness.

Government tax rate – Citizens prefer to pay lower taxes.

Nation age – Citizens prefer the stability of older nations.

And a couple of hidden factors as well...

My question is, how much of an effect does age have on happiness? Do you gain one point per month, per game recognized anniversary, ect...

Also, what are these mysterious hidden factors?

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