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Infra Upkeep

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Hey! I have 4500 infra about a little less and my upkeep per a level is 562.00!!!. Thats 2506849.80 in infra upkeep a day. I collect about a little more tehn 3 mill a day. Anyone see the problem yet? My friend who has twice as much infra and almost no trades has only 500 dollars in upkeep per a level and his infra upkeep bill is only a little higher then mine. All the factors that would hurt my nation are fine the enviornment is good i have 725 tech 35% citizen/soldier ratio and so on. If anyone can help me PLEASE do. Thank you

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Lose these Barracks: 5

Get these Labor Camp: 5

Keep them for at least 5 days then sell them and collect and buy them back.

daily bills 2,506849.8

5 days bills 12,534249

bills after camps 6,267124.5

net after buying camps 5,517124.5

You net over 1 day extra.

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Yeah - you need more tech and also probably have a very low environment score which is killing your population. Either get yourself some border walls for the environment bonus or tweak your trades a bit. Your population density may also be too high so consider buying more land.

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