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ship prices bugged?


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Are there other, unstated factors that go into ship prices? if there are not, the uranium reductions may be bugged, I get 5% off everything (including aircraft carriers and submarines), and have no other resources/bonuses that are supposed to reduce ship cost. I had an alliance mate who also has uranium check and they ended up with ~4.25% cost reduction that couldn't be accounted for. that this is 4.25% rather than 5 may be related to how reductions stack (I don't know if this is stated anywhere) if they stack in a diminishing fashion: eg ( (original cost - 300000 * largest reduction .85) * next smaller reduction .95 ) etc. = final cost 242250 then that meshes quite well with what I have found. I realize my sample size is a bit small, but I hope this info is helpful...

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Are you sure you factored all the modifiers in?

relatively sure, the only known reduction resource I have is uranium. and I don't see any resources that reduce everything but aircraft carriers & submarines. hence my conclusion that its an invisible factor or bug.

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