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buying navy improvements


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So I was buying my shipyards and dry docks today like all the other cool kids, still not sure why I bought them tho. Bought 5 of each, like I wanted to. Then I realized I had not paid my bills.

You can look at my nation here Wheretheheckawhata

You haven't paid your bills today. You last paid your bills on 7/7/2008.

I am pretty sure its a bug

edit: for that matter, I can also buy land without paying bills and I know it requires paid bills as at it states on the screen

The maximum amount of land that you can buy at one time is 20 miles of land if you are up to date on your bill payments.
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in which case I apologize for wasting your time. I had always thought bills had to be paid... since I was unable to buy infra without paying bills.

Anyway, I guess this can be locked then

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