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Aid Cancellation

King of Dunes

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The link says that the aid sent to me by my friend was canceled because we were on the same network.

No, I was never on the same network as his.

No, We have never accessed our nations from our school network.

No, we have never accessed our nations from each others homes as well.

This is not the first time that an aid transaction has taken place between us, we have been normally aiding before as well but this is the first time the aid ever got canceled for the said reason.

Can someone explain as to why has this happened?

My nation link;


my friend's nation link;


Thank you.

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It's just a part of the system to catch cheaters. I don't know if I should divulge that other info [/kindasuspicious]

And if there are 'other reasons', I would definitely like the admin to mail them to me so I know what I or my friend did wrong that we get branded as "cheaters".

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We're not revealing our methods of cheat detection. If a transaction between two players is marked for possible cheating then you will need to find a new trade/aid partner to interact with.

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