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North Star Federation


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Before I post the charter I just want to say these things first

Everyone is welcome to post in this topic

More info might be added or current info changed over time.

Please do not recruit for your alliance in this NSF topic if you are not in NSF.

For bumpers be creative. I do not want to see just "bump".

Do not bump in a short intervals.

Feel free to ask questions too. Don't get to out line though or we will have Sheriff Bubba taser you. :P

For more info on the NSF

http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/North_Star_Federation Wiki

Forum Link




= Membership, Rights, and Laws =

Anyone is able to become a member as long as they follow and agree to the charter. NSF leadership will evaluate you application. If you come from another alliance we will check with them to know more about your history. If you have a history of causing trouble or are known to be a target by many other alliances your application will be denied.


As a member you have to right to ask for assistance and aid if needed. You have to right to freedom of speech as long as it is in the lines of article II of this charter . If accused of a violation or misdeed you have the right to be notified about it and have a chance to provide evidence in your defense before any action is taken against you. All members have the right to vote in elections and polls. You may petition for a change to the rules or charter if there is a lot of support for your proposition there will be a vote. Medals you have from other alliances are recognized here. (you must show proof that you got it)

General Rules of the North Star Federation

1. Do not do actions that go against the charter.

2. Do not spam unless the area is designated for it.

3. Do not show disrespect to anyone in the NSF.

4. Do not show disrespect and aggression to out side persons.

5. Do not post critical info from IRC chat in the board or other public areas.

6. Do not war countries that are aligned unless we are at war with them.

7. Do not be dishonest to the North Star Federation.

8. You must have proof if you are reporting misconduct or a violation.

North Stars

We the people of the NSF encourage community and team work. We discourage the practice of focusing to the point we start to view each other and people as commodities to improve them. We of the North Star Federation are also not members of the NSF we together are the North Star Federation.

II. = Public Behavior =

The way we communicate with other alliances even ones being aggressive should never turn aggressive. Even if war breaks out we all have to be assertive when communicating with are enemies and allies.

When posting in the CN forums or talking in an area that is public and all of CN can see make sure your spelling is correct and your typing is clean and together. So people will understand what you are saying and won't take something the wrong way.

Aggressiveness will not be tolerated coming from any north star member, even if it is directed to you. If you are joking around try to make sure it is known from the start and not 2 days later when a war breaks out.

III. = War and Military =

In the event of war all members are to participate and follow orders. Leaving the alliance during Defcon 1 is considered desertion if you do not have a good reason to leave you will be considered an enemy.

Never attack a country that is part of another alliance unless we are at war with them. If we are in an alliance war only attack targets you are given do not find your own targets and only attack the alliance we are war with.

There is a strict policy of the use of spies in game . You may use them during a tech raid and during an alliance war. There are no other situations were they will be allowed to be used them.

- Nuclear Weapons -

Do not use nuclear weapons with out permission. Doing so will be met with severe punishment.

- Treason, Spying, and Misc War Crimes -

If you are convicted of either one you will get the maximum punishment possible in the North Star Federation.

- Spying - The spying mentioned here is NOT about the spies in game. It is about using deception and or false identity to gain info on another alliance are group. Asking someone from the said group to give info to you that is normally classified is also considered spying.

= Membership Removal =

Honorable Discharge/Discharged: You did a lot for the alliance but had to be removed for special reasons ex: as unexplained inactivity or resignation. You are also welcome (judging by the situation) to come back. All former members that leave the NSF are moved to Honorable Discharge/Discharged

Ban or Zi ban: You broke rules and the charter. If put up for ZI your current country will be Zied for good. You will not have to worry though if you restart a new country as long as you do not bother NSF again.

Ultimate Punishment: You are considered to no longer exist in the eyes of the NSF or to ever have existed. You are still put up for ZI and are still sought after even after a restart or identity change.

Punch and pie

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Nightly recap

Today we gained 2 more members. We have a new area in the forums that is private and a fun place to talk in. Its only open at nights. I found out that 99.9% of NSF is Canadian.

We are already starting to develop are own culture I feel. Things should really work out.

Its now really late and I have to go to bed.

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