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why is it good not to be in an alliance

ahmad seif

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:popcorn::popcorn: huh why ppl??!

1) Spamming smiley's is not a good way to get noticed here. Especially if it takes up the majority of your posts.

2) Talking in full sentences would be a lot easier. The only reason why people put ??!!???! and crap like that, is just so that their post can take up room.

3) Stop hitting the topic button so much, for random topics. Very Annoying.

And to answer your original question, there is no good reason not to be in an alliance. Maybe if you're on the Red Team, but not in the NPO, that'd be fine I suppose. Unless the NPO ever fell out of power.

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Yep that is a good reason so you can be attacked by many nations and see if you can stay out of ZI for more than one day!

Skills learned from all the battling will help you.

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