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Happiness Question


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I was told 1 happiness point could only be worth 2$, but after testing mine several times. I get almost 4$

I don't believe this to be a bug (hope not at least) , I just need to know why this is so I can explain it to a non-believer heh.

Thanks ahead of time.

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So Improvements make Happiness worth more I see...

Is that down somewhere or is it just something that got picked up through expirience?

Well, the improvements will say, "+5% to citizen income" or something. This affects both +happiness and +$#.## values.

Perfect multipliers will make $1.00 = $2.075.

One happiness = $2.00 base, which taken with the environment penalty might be a a few pennies les. Then you take this amount times 2.075.

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Well, it's inferred. Banks give a boost of 7% to income for example. And happiness at the base level is worth $2 added to income so banks modify this. So your base income is totalled from all sources and then modified by whatever economic improvements you have (banks, schools, unviersities, harbor and foreign ministry). All like improvements stack (added) together to form a single modifier (so five banks is 35%) and then multipied by the base income to come up with the modified income. So it looks like this:

(base income)*(banks)*(schools)*(universities)*(harbor)*(foreign ministry) = modified income

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Thanks , I am also confused about how environment affects happiness and if an event raising $$ directly is raising the base income or not.

As your environment rises above 1.00, your happiness total is negatively affected by a certain percentage for each full point above 1.00. So your happiness total is not affected until your environment plus GRL gets above 2.00 (at this moment, best environment plus GRL is 1.80). Note population is affected differently and you will see differences in your population for every .01 above an enviroment score of 1.00. So the more happiness you have, the more you are affected by environment.

Events work just like resources and anything else; while it is in effect, any income is added/substracted from the base which is then modified by whatever economic modifiers are in place.

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