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Event Changed Numbers On Me


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Um, not sure how exactly to prove this, but when I chose my choice for my event, it was +2 happiness, but it now is showing as +1.5 happiness...

I am not certain how that happened, and am wondering if the event was altered after I made my choice (I got it shortly after the update to events)? I'm just a little confused.


7/12/2008 Your nation has been asked to host a major 30 day sporting event. While this could entertain your citizens and make them happy, it will also make them quite unproductive during the event. Option selected. See Current Response.

Option 1: Host the sporting event. Population happiness +1.5

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Ok, thanks.

By the way, that update makes both choices identical.. either 1.5 happiness, or $3.00? Not sure if that is intentional or not, but as long as you pick an option, the effect is the same.

Thanks for the quick response :)

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