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NS Discrepancy


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I was trying out the NS equation on a hunch that the Land Purchased term actually meant overall land, so it would mean that that part would need to be renamed.

So I tested out the current equation using my land purchased figure in the problem, and I tried it again with my overall land figure in the problem- and none of them added up to my current NS.

I was very careful in my calculations, and I really don't know where (if at all) I messed up.

I might've confused the Aircraft totals, though.

Land Purchased * 1.5 + Tanks Deployed * .15 + Tanks Defending * .20 + Cruise Missiles * 10 + ((Nuclear Purchased^2)*10) + Technology Purchased * 5 + Infrastructure Purchased * 3 + Actual Military * .02 + Aircraft Rating Totals * 5
(Using Land Purchased Figure)

Land Purchased: 3872.319

Tanks Deployed: 0

Tanks Defending: 60

Cruise Missiles: 60

Nuclear Weapons: 4000

Technology: 9790.45

Infrastructure: 27299.97

Actual Military: 500

Aircraft: 2700


Cumulative NS: 48162.739

NS with Total Land figure: 49059.784

Real NS: 48,282.747

And yes I know, the difference is very small, but I'm trying to help here.


And in the event that I just messed up somewhere, and the current equation is correct; why isn't NS calculated with overall land, as opposed to purchased land?

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(2,581.546*1.5) + (300*0.2) + (6*10) + ((20^2)*10) + (1,958.09*5) + (9,099.99*3) + (25000*0.02) + (60*9*5) = 48282.739

Accounting for rounding errors, the game is correct.

Edit: also, if you add up the numbers in your box, you get the correct NS. Funny that you can do multiplication but not addition. :P

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