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I have Fish & Wheat - best resources in game

Jack the great

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I have what are considered the two best resources in the game: Fish and wheat.

If anyone out there is lookin for these resources to seriously boost their population and their income, reply here. I will accept offers.

However if you have some of the resources that I am after you don't have to pay me anything for the trade. I am trying to set up a circle, but you must be blue team:

FISH: Jack the great

WHEAT: Jack the great










ANYTHING ELSE (one more):

If you have any of those resources reply here to sign up or if you don't and would like to make me an offer, reply here also.

These are the bonus resources we'd all receive if all of the above resources were filled:






SCHOLARS (if literacy rate is +90%)


These are all the benefits we'd all receive if all of the above resources were filled:

Population happiness: +11.5

Population income: +$10.50

Total Population: +16%

Infrastructure initial cost: -42%

Infrastructure upkeep costs: -23%

Aircraft intial cost: -16%

Aircraft upkeep costs: -25%

Total aircraft limit: +10

Soldier initial cost: -$6.00

Soldier upkeep costs: -$0.50

Soldier efficiency: +38%

Land initial cost: -15%

Land selling value: x3

Tank initial cost: -8%

Tank upkeep costs: -18%

Nuke/Cruise Missile Upkeep: -20%

Technology cost: -13%

Environment: +10%

Your nation's Global radiation: -50%


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if you start out with silver and gems you can have fine jewelry, steel, automobiles, construction, microchips, radiation cleanup, asphalt, and scholars. so they arent really the best recources in the game.

You're an idiot, since that setup you just listed is really bad. Don't go around preaching if you have no clue what you're talking about. Just because there are 8 bonus resources doesn't mean it's good. The 3 resource build has been proven to be way better.

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I have what are considered the two best resources in the game: Fish and wheat.

The ONLY resource set you should be going for is the FastFood/Beer... dammit, I've written this before in private forums.


Wheat and Fish? This is awesome. The ONLY trade set you should have is the best trade set in the game. It's known as the FastFood/Beer/Construction set, aka the 3BR (three bonus resource) set.

The eleven essential trades:

Cattle, Fish, Aluminum, Water, Marble, Spices, Pig, Iron, Lumber, Sugar and Wheat.

That leaves one optional resource for you to choose. I'd go with uranium (so that you can buy nukes later on, and get a money bonus), though coal (big land and infra bonus) and gems (pure money) are also popular.

With a Wheat/Fish combo, any trade set besides the 3BR above is a terrible waste. Give all of your partners who don't fit in with this a day or twos notice, then drop the trades and get new ones.

Try not to collect taxes until you've got your trades set up. Join a 3BR trade circle that wants Wheat/Fish. 3BR is pretty popular, you'll have little to no trouble finding one.

Also: Alliances are a great source for trade partners and advice.



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Actually Fish/Uranium wins top resource combo. But seriously, Beer/Construction/Fast Food + Fish + (Coal, Gems, Uranium) is what you should aim for. The population increase that you will gain from that set vs the one you propose is enough to cover all of the discounts of the resources in your set and then some.

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Fish/Uranium wins top resource combo.

You have obviously forgotten about Iron/Water. ;)

Honestly though Jack, you have the choice of any circle. The one you have chosen is a nearly always a last resort for players who have unfortunate resources.

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