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looking for alliance that encourages war


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You shouldn't look for an alliance that encourages war. I and my alliance understand a good fight now and then is alright but war can ruin a nation that you have spent months, maybe even years working hard at.

I am often one to offer our alliance open to all people who post here looking for an alliance, but I'm not so sure here. If I've misunderstood you tell me, but otherwise you haven't made a good impression to me or most other alliance leaders here I would think.

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Norden Verein has been in the second longest war in CN history. It's still ongoing! So if you like shooting commies when they peek out of peace mode, we're the place to be. And when commie hunting slows down you can always tech raid to your hearts delight. As long as your heart doesn't delight in red team members and aligned nations :)

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you should join global alliance and treaty organization. GATO is in a global war which isnt our fault in the first place. if you wanna join GATO and fight all the time while getting aid look for arciel on these forums

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