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Base Citizen Income?


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Hi all,

I tried asking in the gameplay forum, but got no answer. So lets try here instead.

If you totally remove all the income you get from happiness and things like the stock market that directly add income to your citizens, there is still some income left. In other words, citizen income comes from:

((some base something) + (direct income boosters) + (happiness converted to income)) * Modifiers

Now, I have figured out all the parts except the (some base something) part.

Does anyone know how the citizen's base income is calculated? Thats what I need to know.

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If you have ever part except the base, why don't you just solve for x? :psyduck:

Because X is actually another equation. I have run this through several nations. Each have a different X. Thus, the X is actually some sort of equation based on things I cant figure out. If X were a constant, I would have found it already.

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If you'd really like to know, start a new nation :awesome:

Ok so I'm guessing you'd rather not start over, but you could ask a friend in r.l. if you could borrow they're comp for a few minutes. Since they'd have zero tech and minimal happiness all you'd have to do is subtract the value of they're resources.

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this sounds like a job for the smart people :D

well if you could, i would keep it private since admin probably doesnt want it public

i would imagine it to be just 1... but i guess not

also the happiness = $2 isnt right... its $4.15 for me

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