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I have started to play CN a while ago and now my girlfriend is interested to about it aswell. Well few questions about it. I didn't find answers from stickys but ofc I might be just stupid.

First: We have ~300km distance between us so we wont play from same ip. But if I visit at my gf (as I do) is it ok to play from my gf place few days - 1 week if we dont send aids etc to each others as we will use same ip at those days. Or will we get another nation deleted?

Second: We are aiming for living summer together :wub: so does another nation get deleted becouse of it? Situation will be normalised after summer. Ofc there will be same rules that we wont aid each others nor attack same target etc.

How about if we move together? Do we need 2 separate ip's after it or do we get another nation deleted?

- Decker

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And one more question: How it's possible that I know few dudes which play under same ip? Does "multiple users from one network" rule affect nations which have made before 03/13/07. Ofc problem is that I dont have any clue how things worked before it.

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if you do, i would suggest getting an official OK from an ingame mod


from the sticky in this forum

If you have ever even ONCE logged in to the same computer as another nation, YOUR NATIONS MAY NEVER INTERACT (aid, trade, and war against each other or together against other nations). Your cheat flag is deserved and if you continue your nation will be deleted.

hope it helps :D

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