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  1. Are you going to a Super Bowl Party? Do you want to appear smart in front of all your friends and family? Well read this guide to learn the finer points of today's game. Green Bay Packers VS Pittsburgh Steelers Location: Dallas, Texas Stadium Type: Dome Field Type: Turf Goofy's Prediction: Steelers 28, Packers 26 Goofy's Madden Prediction: I havent run it yet Field Advantage The Packers have the advantage of the stadium and field type. They are built to play indoors, and Aaron Rodgers goes from great to amazing indoors. In the last two dome games the Packers have played, they have scored atleast 40 points in each of them. The Steelers are a rough and tumble team. Their running back, Rashard Mendenhall, allows them to slog through games. Their quarterback, Big Ben Roethlisberger, is not a typical quarterback. At 6 foot 6 and on a massive frame, Roethlisberger is built for the wind and cold weather. Advantage: Green Bay Packers Quarterback Advantage Aaron Rodgers, as said earlier is amazing indoors. However, while he may not have reported it, I believe he received his third concussion of the year when Julius Peppers gave him a massive helmet to helmet hit in the NFC Championship game. After that hit, Rodgers was not the same quarterback. When a player plays with a concussion two weeks later, one hit can knock him out. We all know how hard the Steelers hit. Who knows if Rodgers makes it through the game? Ben Roethlisberger, as said earlier, is not built for the indoors. But he is in great health and has been to the Super Bowl twice before. Roethlisberger is not new to making huge plays late in Super Bowls (see Santonio Holmes, vs. Arizona Cardinals). If the Packers are up by 5 with 2 minutes left in the game with the ball in Big Ben's hands, the Steelers have already won it. Advantage: Steelers Running Backs James Starks has shown himself as the top running back for the Packers. But as the Jets found out two weeks ago, nobody runs on the Steelers. The Steelers have Rashard Mendenhall against a good, but not great run stopping team. Expect Mendenhall's stat line to be about 30 carries for 100 yards and 2 TDs. Advantage: Steelers Wide Receivers Both teams have the elder statesmen reciever (Hines Ward for Steelers and Donald Driver for the Packers) and also the speed on the outside. Advantage: Push Defense Both teams rely on playmakers with VERY long hair The Packers go as Clay Matthews goes. When Matthews was injured, the Packers succumbed to the Washington Redskins. From his linebacker position, Matthews is able to terrorize opposing defenses and stop the run. You can easily spot him as the player with the thin brown hair running down the back of his jersey. The Steelers defense goes as Troy Polomalu goes. The Man of Troy plays all around the field. One minute he will be at the line of scrimmage stopping the run, the next he will be in deep coverage, and the next he will be in the opposing backfield sacking the quarterback. The Steelers have the edge with better run stoppers and better cover corners. Advantage: Steelers Final Thoughts This is going to be a really good game. Last time the two teams met, the game was decided on a last second TD pass by Big Ben. Lets hope you all can convert some only-for-commercials people into real football fans!
  2. Yeah Adrian I watched the game. It just reiterated what I said. Boise State may not be as good as Auburn, but on the biggest stage, they win. The Nevada game was not a big stage. Boise looked like it underestimated Nevada, and they got burned for it. But no one can hate on Boise State for not playing anyone. No one will agree to play them because they know they will be embaressed. Then after the season is over we dont get to see how good they are because the BCS always puts them against another non AQ if at all possible. Ever since Boise State embaressed Oklahoma they havent played a bowl game against an AQ school.
  3. @memoryproblems I didnt think Boise State or TCU deserved to be in the national championship game. I think alot would have to go right for TCU to go undefeated playing Auburn or Oregon's schedule, just as alot had to go right for both teams to finish their schedules undefeated. With Boise State in monster games, all the stats can be thrown away. They have shown time and time again in the one game situation, they can beat any team. This is not the NBA Playoffs. If Auburn and Boise State played in a 7 Game Series I would pick Auburn to win four of the games. But, I would pick Boise to beat Oregon and Auburn because they come up big on big stages. Boise has shown they can beat teams better than them because it is football so therefore they are only playing once. Im not saying Boise State is better than either team or deserves to be in the BCS national title game, but they would beat them in one game. @Feanor Boise State would accept an invite to the any of the AQ conferences in a second. Not to mention no one will play Boise State on the blue turf.
  4. TCU 21, Wisconsin 19 So last night the little Texas Christian University beat the mighty Wisconsin Badgers. The TCU football team didnt just get a win for the TCU football team. It wasnt even a win just for the university. TCU's win over the BCS Wisconsin team was a win for every non automatic qualifying team who each year gets screwed over. Think back to last year. To avoid another colossal upset of an automatic qualifying team to a non BCS team, the asshats over in the BCS made undefeated Boise State play undefeated TCU. This year, with only one non BCS team making a bowl, the people at the BCS had to put TCU against an AQ school. They picked the top one loss team in the country, Wisconsin. I think TCU's win should cement the fact that the small universities can play and bet the big boys. Now lets talk about Boise State. Sure they lost to 19 Nevada. But let us remember this: Nevada is a one loss team that should have been a top ten team. Nevada only one because the Boise State kicker missed two easy field goals that each would have won the game. Im not saying Boise State should have made one of the BCS bowls. But Im saying that they are still a damn good team and I would still pick them over Oregon and Auburn. It seems like the people at the BCS agree with me that Boise State was still a threat, regardless of their one loss. So, to avoid further embaressment, the one loss Boise State team was forced to play Utah in a minor, early bowl game.
  5. Stop me if youve heard this joke before. Brett Favre is retiring. No wait, hes coming back. Wait, no hes coming back if hes healthy. Yep thats it. Favre says he will return to the Minnesota Vikings if he can recover from his ankle surgery. He also says he never texted his teammates he was retiring. When asked in a rushed interview why Vikings tight end Visante Shiancoe said Favre texted him he was retiring Favre said, "Visante! Oh thats why we love him." So Favre may or may not be coming back. As much as I like the guy, no one can say he aint a Grade A Attention Whore.
  6. Favres got millions of dollars in the bank. You cant tell me thats what drove him the last 5 years to keep playing. Its not like he splurges on crazy stuff. The guy lives on a farm and dresses like a hobo.
  7. Brett Favre, 40, is set to inform Minnesota Vikings personnel today that he is retiring from the National Football League. Favre retires as the career statistical leader in every major passing category. He will be remembered as one of the, if not the top regular season quarterback to ever play the game. Love him or hate him, Favre was one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. He started 285 consecutive regular season games, the record for non kickers. Favre was forced to receive ankle surgery after a series of cheap shots in the NFC Championship game by the New Orleans Saints. So as it stands on August 2, 2010, Brett Favre is no longer part of the NFL. But, we all know Brett. The guy could decide the day before the opener against the Saints he wants to play. If he did that, Childress would give him the starting job and he could still drop 300 yards. Good bye Brett Favre. Your child like love of the game will be missed.
  8. Before anyone jumps on the Heat bandwagon, read this. The Miami Heat will not win the NBA Championship because either a. they dont get past the Chicago Bulls or b. they dont beat the LA Lakers. The Lakers have the easiest road back. The only team with a shot to beat them is Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Conference Finals Matchups East 1 Miami Heat VS 2 Chicago Bulls PG Mike Miller VS Derek Rose SG Dwyane Wade VS Taj Gibson SF Lebron James VS Luoul Deng PF Chris Bosh VS Carlos Boozer C Zydrunas Ilgauskus VS Joakim Noah Ive got to say that this series is a push. I will give the Heat a slight advantage because if this turns into a shootout, the Heat have more starting firepower. Deng and Boozer can get their 25, but I dont believe Derek Rose can average around 33 points a game, which he would have to do for the Bulls to win. Both teams have alot of pure scorers, but the Heat have better, more efficient ones West 1 LA Lakers VS 2 Oklahoma City Thunder PG Derek Fisher/ Steve Blake SG Kobe Bryant SF Ron Artest PF Pau Gasol C Andrew Bynum (OK City roster not set enough for me to judge at this point) Next year may not be the Thunder's year, but their time is coming. These guys are extremely young, and Kevin Durant just signed an extension. If Andrew Bynum is healthy at this point, the Lakers win in 6. If not, they win in 7. Finals LA Lakers VS Miami Heat The Miami Heat have their Super Friends. But the Lakers win this year because the Heat do not have the depth to keep up. What happens when Artest shuts down Lebron and Kobe shuts down Wade? Whos going to guard Andrew Bynum? Chris Bosh is actually going to have to play defense on Pau Gasol. The Miami Heat have too many holes to keep up with the Lakers.
  9. So from what I am hearing, how do you guys think it would be okay for Lebron James to leave? That show was a pretty bad idea but thats the only thing I believe Lebron James did wrong.
  10. Yeah, with the signing of Steve Blake it looks like Fish is going to leave the Lakers. If that happens, Derek Fisher is going to have himself quite a ring collection. He already has 5 rings and will just add to that total if not next year, then in the next 5 year the Superfriends are in Miami. I have to agree, the only thing I didnt like about Lebron leaving was how he left. It was a stupid decision but I have to attribute that more to stupid people around Lebron James than Lebron himself. I believe ESPN said they came to Lebron Jame's entourage with the idea, so it was ESPN's idea, not Lebron's.
  11. Super Friends at Miami Heat induction So now everyone hates Lebron James. Before his Heat decision, everyone said it was all about the money, and not about winning. On Thursday, Lebron James put away the money and the ego and chose winning. Lebron signed a 6 year/ 110 Million dollar salary. He left about $20 million on the table through a sign and trade. (Oh and how come no one is talking about what the Heat gave up. To sign Bosh and James, the Heat had to give up 3 first round picks and 3 second round picks. Not to mention all the talented players they dropped to make space for these guys) What is the hate for this guy? He doesnt owe the city of Cleveland anything, let alone New York or New Jersey! Dan Gilbert, the Cleveland Cavs owner, wrote an angry letter saying the Cavs would win a title before the Miami Heat. Um yes, I think Anderson Varejao has a very could shot stopping James, Bosh, and Wade. Dan Gilbert needs to shut up. Hes been making millions off Lebron for 7 years. Lebron made the Cleveland Caveliers, not the other way around. Gilbert can call him a traitor as long as he wants, but he just keeps looking worse and worse. First off, lets start with the Kobe VS Lebron thing. Kobe cant do it by himself. Pau Gasol is a Top 20 player in the league. Ron Artest is the premier defender in the league. Adrew Bynum is a force when he is healthy. He has the best coach in history on the bench. Derek Fisher cant miss a clutch shot to save his life. Everyone seems to forget that for Kobe's first 3 championships, he was either the second or third best player on the team. After Kobe ran Shaq out of town, they didnt win anything until the Kobe-Pau-Fisher-Ariza group jelled. (no hate for Kobe, just trying to say no one can win alone) Oh and yes, the Lakers still have more talent Derek Fisher > any minimum salary PG the Heat find Kobe Bryant > Dwyane Wade Ron Artest < Lebron James Pau Gasol > Chris Bosh Andrew Bynum > any minimum salary C the Heat find Lakers win 4 out of 5 matchups. The only arguable one is Pau over Chris Bosh. Before anyone anoints Kobe the nice guy, remember all the !@#$ hes done. Remember the screaming tirade he had in the parking lot that reduced Andrew Bynum to tears. Remember him forsaking a dynasty by kicking Shaq out of town so he could be the alpha dog. Just remember no one is perfect, so why do we expect it from Lebron James? Dont tell me you guys wont be watching the Heat's games. Dont tell me you guys arent excited for the Super Friends VS The Black Mamba rivalry. This is great for these three young guys on the Heat and is great for the NBA. Good luck Lebron!
  12. While it once looked close that Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh would come to Miami, that looks distant now. Miami is in trouble of not getting any of those players now. Lets look at what is close to certain, and then go to the less than certain. Dirk Nowitski It looks like Dirk and the Dallas Mavericks have reached a max deal that will keep Dirk in Dallas for the next 6 years. He is expected to sign July 8, the first day players are allowed to sign. Joe Johnson Johnson has reached a deal for a maximum contract with the Atlanta Hawks which he will sign July 8. In my opinion he is not worth a max deal, but thats up to the Hawks. Amare Stoudemire Stoudemire has reportedly reached a 5 year, $100 Million deal with the New York Knicks. Stoudemire is trying to bring Lebron to New York. There are also reports that the Denver Nuggets might orchestrate a sign and trade to send Carmelo Anthony to New York in return for Eddy Curry and Danillo Gallinari. Dwyane Wade While a few days ago it seemed certain Wade would stay in Miami, it now looks like he and Chris Bosh will head to Chicago. Wade had two meetings with Chicago and said he will do what is best for his children. If thats true, he will go to Chicago because he is trying to battle for custody with his estranged wife, who lives with his children in Chicago. Chicago is also Wade's hometown and where he grew up. Chris Bosh If Lebron now is leaning towards playing with Stoudemire over Bosh, Bosh goes where Wade goes. Lebron James There is no way the New York Knicks mega team with James, Carmelo Anthony, and Stoudemire gets down. That would mean they would have to sign 12 players to play for the lowest salary level because those three will go over the cap by themselves.
  13. But I think everyone outside of Cleveland and Chicago would love to see a Miami Heat team with Lebron, Wade, and Bosh. If those three guys care about winning they might all go to Miami but that is highly unlikely. Im not saying it would work and Im not saying they could beat the Lakers in the NBA finals, but heres what the Heat line up would look like then... PG Mario Chalmers SG Dwyane Wade SF Lebron James PF Michael Beasley C Chrish Bosh
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