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Tank question


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sorry, you cannot sell them back. You can only dismiss them, but you'll not receive any payment for this action.

If you would like to dismiss tanks, please log in at cn, go to 'military', then to 'tanks'. Please place a negative number of tanks in your 'buy tanks' box. You'll dismiss the amount of tanks you entered here.

The only thing you can sell back for money are land and infrastructure.

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Well theres no sense posting a new topic with really the same name, so I hope you don't mind me posting this here.

You may purchase up to 10% of your soldier efficiency level or up to 8% of your working citizen population
What the heck does that mean? It sounds obvious, that to buy a tank I have to spend 10% efficiency or 8% population, but that is really stupid and just doesn't make any sense, nor does that seem to happen. Anybody mind clearing this up?
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It means the total number of tanks you can have at any one time is either based on 8% of your population or 10% of your soldier efficiency, whichever is lower. In your case, 8% of your population is 354 and 10% of your soldier efficiency is 185. So since the 10% of soldier efficiency is the lower of the two, you can purchase tanks until a total of 185 tanks are reached. You have 10 tanks currently, so you can buy up to 175 more tanks.

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