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Possible bug with land purchase costs


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I'm pasting this here on behalf of a Farker who can't get this board to send him a validation email. <_<

This morning, I had just over $3,000,000 to spend. I purchased 5 spies at $100,000 apiece, 35 units of infrastructure at approximately $42,000 apiece, and 10 miles of land at approximately $12,000 apiece.

According to my calculations, that should be just over $2,000,000. However, my nation screen states that I only have $100,000 left!

Has the new calculation for land modifiers changed how much I am being charged to purchase new land?

His nation can be found here. I'll PM him a link to this thread so he can follow along. He speculated that this might be related to the recent changes involving land and resources.

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