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Lead & Pigs Soldier Cost modifier


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I have checked some of the old threads, and it seems to be confirmed that there are 2 resources reducing soldier upkeep costs:

Pigs: -$0.5

Lead: -$0.5

Is there a reason why all other resource modfiers stack, but those two do not?

It does not only seem illogical, it also reduces the worth of lead even more if the nation already has pigs. And lead already is one of the weakest resources a nation could have.

For example Iron and Oil both offer -$3 to for soldier purchase cost - why do they stack (-$6 if you have both), but Pigs and Lead do not?

I suggest to let those boni stack, like all others do. Inconsistencies in the mechanics are often a way to unexpetec results / future bugs, which are then hard to find and to wipe out.

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