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Bug Report: Furs Description / Modification


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furs.gifFurs – Increases citizen’s daily income +$3.50 and increases the natural growth of a nation by 10%.

I have done the math, and it seems that Furs does not affect the natural growth, but the land size by +10%.

See here:

http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=186005 (randomly picked)

279.857 mile diameter.

162.336 in purchases, 62.662 in modifiers, 54.860 in growth (109 days old)

109/2 = 54.5 (but CN calculates the hours as well, so 54.86 is just nation age/2, as it should be, no modifications)

162.336 * 1.2 (rubber) * 1.05 (communism) = 204.54336

if furs would be just +10% land size, we could do now: 204.54336 *1.1 = 224.997696

add the natural growth (54.860) to that = 224.997696 + 54.860 = 279,857696 (omg, its the exact size which is displayed in the nation view!)

so, its a bug with the description, nothing more. you can test this with every nation out there. Furs just bring +10% land size, not a +10% natural growth.


The effect is unique, so I would advise against just changing the description. However +10% on natural growth is just too few impact [the oldest nations in the game are around 800days, they would have a natural growth of 400miles and furs would increase that by 40miles. That is *nothing*].

I would let furs triple the impact of natural growth to a nation. This would mean:

100days old = 50miles natral growth / 150 with furs

200days old = 100miles of natural growth / 300 with furs

400days old = 200miles of natural growth / 600 with furs

This way, you would finally create a resouce that has an OWN MARKET (like uranium for nukes), for older, but still small nations (beaten down in a war) Furs would have more value then for newer nations or older who already have a very big land size.

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