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Land and Env modification


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First Bug:

That nation can improve its environment to 1, ignoring GRL, with Borderwalls. The description for borderwalls says:

Border Walls - $60,000.00 - Decreases citizen count -2%, increases population happiness +2, Improves environment +1. (Does not affect Global Radiation levels)

So imho the best Environment a nation can have should be 1 + GRL (or 1 + GRL/2 in case the nation has RadiationCleanup).

Second Bug:

The nation has 4,381.778 mile diameter.

3,407.207 in purchases, 724.883 in modifiers, 249.688 in growth.

No events. Federal Government, which should bring no land increase.

Only land modifiers are: Spices = +8%, Sugar = +5%, Wheat = +5%

Total of: 1.08*1.05*1.05 = 1.1907

3,407.207 in purchases * 1.1907 is = 4056,9613749 [649.7543749 in modifiers, not 724.883].

Including the natural growth of 249.688, that nation should have 4,306.6493749 miles of land.

It currently has 75.1286251 miles too much land, or one of the resources/gov brings a land bonus which is not listed.

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found bug 2: The Description for Spices says +8% land. It is calculated with +10% land.

I suggest to update the calculation down to 8%, instead of the decscription up to 10%, because Spices is part of the 3BG combo, which is right now ALREADY the by far best one. No need to make it even better.

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