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Nation Strength

Necromancer V4L

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Nation Name: NewRomania

Ruler: chickenx

Link: Nation Link

Ok, let me break him down for you:

Tech: 0

Infra: 0

Land: 225.471


Soldiers: 0 (0)

Tanks: 0

Aircraft: 0

Cruise Missiles: 0

Nukes: 0

Total Population: 338

Nation Strength: 3,676.686

Ranked #16,409 of 31,191 Nations (52.6%)


That is obviously a flaw in the Nation Strength system. How can someone with nothing but land still have that big of a nation strength?

Oh yea, and after attacking him last night:

Money: $0


Sorry if this is not a bug, but it sure seems like one to me.

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Nation strength is only updated when the ruler of the nation makes a transaction in the game (ie. collects taxes, purchases something, etc..) That nation has not been active to update their nation strength.

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