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  1. That wasn't an accusation, it's Article II of our charter. I'll speak to you asap.
  2. USS Enterprise Declaration of Existence and Intent We do not condone criminal acts by any nation against another or an alliance. We believe that EZI is an immoral and unjust sentence. -> Its use violates the basic rights of every nation. -> All beings in this Universe have the basic right to live, regardless of their crimes. As long as you continue to imprison and murder the nations of this world: We will defy you. -----Signed, The First Crew of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)---- ----Star Date - 65174.3---- Captain, Ishmael of The Men
  3. >Log on >Under ATTACK!! >Nation AA Attacking Me = New Polar Order I thought OP claimed ownership of my war slots? QUE?
  4. I think you meant to say that I was expelled from your AA, without notice, at which time I left your AA in order to avoid being classified as a ghost and pursued for further crimes. Because that's what actually happened.Hey! Guess what, go away. Make me.
  5. I think you meant to say that I was expelled from your AA, without notice, at which time I left your AA in order to avoid being classified as a ghost and pursued for further crimes. Because that's what actually happened.
  6. [quote name='Great Lord Moth' timestamp='1313876277' post='2785267'] 8/8 through 8/10 disagree with your assessment. ;>_> [/quote] I [i]think[/i] you mean 7/31 - 8/2, where Sparta had a small gaining streak.
  7. Predicting a good day for TLR tomorrow.
  8. [quote name='Banksy' timestamp='1296881525' post='2619884'] People seem to be wearing these, but I haven't put them in here yet. Lots of gifs, so in spoilers. [img]http://i.imgur.com/OHnko.gif[/img] [/quote] That is awesome. +1 to whoever made this.
  9. I'm proud to have once been a part of your great halls. o/ Pacifica Here's to 5 more!
  10. o/ Last Republic May you slaughter your enemies!
  11. Please Frodark, you of all people should realize that one or two cowards bowing out of the fight early doesn't determine the final outcome.
  12. MK: Doing something about "it" since 2008. Only, to them "it" is existing, and we are all guilty. You all disgust me. You seriously think that NpO has only been trying to protect NPO through this whole damned thing? Wake up and smell the real world - half of Polaris didn't give two !@#$% about Pacifica prior to your actions here today. Couldn't have cared less about them. Did you honestly think that the Orders were "hunky dorey?" No, you didn't - even those as yourself aren't that dense. You painted this whole fantasy world for yourself to justify your lunacy. You did what you had to
  13. Specify Other: "I bless the rains down in Africa" is my most popular one. Don't do it all the time, but just enough that if they are reading the battle reports it freaks them out.
  14. Burning through the sky yeaaaaa 200 degrees that's why they call you Mr. Farenheit, KoH Look out Misfits, they're gonna make a dust pile out of you.
  15. You guys couldn't get a better target? Darklink, your skills are slipping, mang.
  16. I have faith that you guys will do what is right. Best of luck to you and yours until then.
  17. [quote name='King Srqt' timestamp='1295380411' post='2581848'] Yeah they went to VE after they knew VE found them out and were getting ready to roll them. That was real stand up of them! [/quote] Well, since VE most likely knew of the whole thing all along, you're correct. It was stand up of Dajobo to approach VE with the information even though he was operating under the impression that, up to that point, it was all a joke put on by an old friend. Kudos to VE for using our Regent's friendly demeanor to find an excuse for war. They are so much better than the old hegemony, who would hav
  18. [quote name='Hyperion321' timestamp='1295340043' post='2580923'] You're quite wrong about that. On topic, good hunting VE. This is about as clear-cut a CB as I've ever seen, and people using "you're hitting us too fast" as a counter argument only shows how awesome you are. If you can't handle the heat, get out of Imp's kitchen. [/quote] He might be. There were way too many Polar nations complaining about not getting hit yet. Going out on a limb and agreeing with you for a change, Hyp, you guys probably could have done a better job. Well, maybe. You know the CB is a joke though, but
  19. [quote name='Muddog' timestamp='1295336585' post='2580765'] Best of luck to both PB and Polaris in this conflict, regardless of who is wrong or right. This situation will ultimately be written by the winner. [/quote] Actually, the situation in CN is almost always written from the perspective of the loser. Look at the majority opinion of every Great War, and I bet you will find that most take the position that it was unjust or wrong. The only exception to this rule that I can think of would be Karma.
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