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A few bugs


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As far as I know (and I checked with a few others before making this) you can't nuke someone within 24 hours after the war declaration. I got declared on yesterday at 12:28 AM. The guy nuked me at 12:01 today. Not only that, but he only had one nuke available at the time and no Uranium trade. Less than a minute later, one of my allies tried to remove the nuke he hit me with (didn't see the attack was made) and supposedly succeeded.




I'd also like to point out that the Improvements page told me that I can't afford to buy any others when there were none left to buy.

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hey admin. it is 74miller. Ok, here is the issue. When i attack, and i loot, i get no money hat so ever. Like i had 450K in my bank, and i looted 250K from the enemy, and now its not even in my cash numbers. Whats going on.

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74miller, first, you shouldnt hijack other peoples threads, you need to start your own to have your issue solved.

second, it probably stated in your battle report that you "destroyed 250k" not "looted"

EDIT: spelling

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