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Ground attacked with none/negative soldiers

King Cyan

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Hello, I am doing this report on behalf of Yeshua Soloman ( https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=383462 ), who is having forum login issues and insists he had been ground attacked while having no soldiers (at server reset / update) and still received ground attacks even after his nation had been defeat alerted.


"I was battled twice after a defeat alert today (seconds after midnight) when I had no troops, and lost the battles that shouldn't have happened. Also another 24 negative soldiers were nuked. [...] I have no FS, was sent home, then nuked yesterday, then got a defeat alert today. I suspect it was the midnight time, the server mislogged my troops. It can't be that it missed the defeat alert, because I killed their troops too. Ghost soldiers or zombies. I had 0, I did look at the purchase screen but decided against buying until later, after the screenshots":








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